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 #sunnyside - one of the toughest descents in the valley, but don't forget to checkout the views before the fun starts. What's your favorite #downhill in the #RFV? #RFMBAtrails  A perfect evening to end the week. #getoutandride this weekend. #deadline is now open! #RFMBAtrails #mtb
 Racers are moments away from leaving departing on Stage 2's journey to C.B. What a great celebration of cycling in Aspen these past few days!  Deadline Trail finally opens tomorrow! We can thank Derek Thomson of #ProgressiveTrailDesign for sculpting all of the swoopy berms and awesome jumps!
 A quiet moment during Start of Stage 1 at the US Pro Challenge. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent and signed up as a member!  Kurt F. rolling fat tires up the Viewline Trail in Snowmass. Stay tuned - Official opening of the new Deadline Trail is expected very soon!
 Aspen Famous / World Famous unicyclist Mike Tierney supports RFMBA! Come by our booth at the USPCC today and Monday noon to 5pm to talk trails and become an RFMBA-IMBA member!  Join RFMBA and RFOV for Hunter Creek Tuesday Evening trail work through August - 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26. Come help to buff out the new Iowa Shaft Cutoff trail! Visit RFMBA.org for all the details.

  • DL AJ photo 4 DL AJ photo 4 Photo by Dana Laughren
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Our Mission
The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association is dedicated to creating and sustaining the best possible mountain bike trail system in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Our territory ranges from Glenwood Springs to Aspen,  and from McClure Pass to Hagerman Pass.

Memberships and Donations help RFMBA accomplish great things for the trails and the mountain bike community!  Donations allow RFMBA to advocate for improving the trail system and increase our ability to partner on projects to maintain our existing trails and build new ones.   Thank you for supporting and aiding our efforts!

Our Trails
Check out mtbproject.com for existing trails in our area.  This collaborative trail guide website currently shows many, although not yet all, of the best rides in our valley.  Post your rides, photos, and trail conditions today!