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 First tracks on the Iowa Shaft trail. Cruising thru 5" of light powder on a blue sky day! Fat bike season is here!  Warm sunny afternoon in early November, perfect day for a long ride to Top of the Crown. Hay Park saddle and Capitol Peak in the distance.
 6 hours ago. #beforethestorm #winterisalmosthere #redhill #mushroomrock #carbondale #RFMBAtrails  View from Forest Hollow Trail, the trail is still in great condition on last day of October!
 Hunter Creek Trails getting too muddy to recommend as of 11/9/14. Maybe the forecasted cold snap and snow will bring the start of full on fat bike season!  Climbing on the Cozyline, Red Table Mt. on the horizon. Almost November, and the trails are still dry on Sky Mt. Park!
 Scoping out some ski lines on Mount Sopris. Up next, a big decsent down to the Prince Creek trailhead. Excellent day for fall weather riding!  Another new trail opens in Snowmass! Ditchline Trail connects Viewline to the Brush Creek bike path. This nearly mile long trail is phase 1 of a planned alignment that will follow the ditch down valley further and then climb back up to Skyline Ridge. Winter closure starts Dec. 1. Let muddy conditions dry up before checking it out!

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Our Mission
The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association is dedicated to creating and sustaining the best possible mountain bike trail system in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Our territory ranges from Glenwood Springs to Aspen,  and from McClure Pass to Hagerman Pass.

Memberships and Donations help RFMBA accomplish great things for the trails and the mountain bike community!  Donations allow RFMBA to advocate for improving the trail system and increase our ability to partner on projects to maintain our existing trails and build new ones.   Thank you for supporting and aiding our efforts!

Our Trails
Check out mtbproject.com for existing trails in our area.  This collaborative trail guide website currently shows many, although not yet all, of the best rides in our valley.  Post your rides, photos, and trail conditions today!