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 A short Sunnyside Reroute (at west end of Secret-Jedi trail) is now complete! This project wraps the trail around an underground seep that always kept an old road section of trail wet and muddy. Finishing it helps unlock bigger Hunter Creek trail projects next year! The new trail's a bit soft and lumpy, it needs your tires to pack it in a bit more before winter! Thanks to @WRNF for approvals and initial chainsaw work, and to RFMBA volunteers for getting it finished!  New Castle Trails' volunteers made real progress on Sunday's first pump track build session! We're hearing reports of five kids using the track on Monday night even though there's more work to do - stay tuned for the next session!
 Seven Star trail officially open as of Sat. Sept. 15th! Find these four miles of fun off the N. Rim Trail in Snowmass. Congrats on a job well done to the @tonyboonetrails crew! And thanks to @pitkinost and @snowmassrec for managing and funding this project. RFMBA is pleased to be a funding partner on this one too. Get out there and enjoy before the weather turns!  @paysonmcelveen and @tejay_van near Tom Blake trail, about half way through the #WEDU Aspen Fifty, benefiting RFMBA. Massive thanks to all of the riders and volunteers and @honeystinger who joined us for this inaugural edition!
 New trail name stickers are finally going up for Crown BLM trails! Look out for Prince Creek trails like Ginormous, Innie, Outie, English Trim, Trough, Monte Carlo, to finally be labeled sooner than later! RFMBA coordinated this improvement and purchased the stickers with funding support from members and sponsors!  And they're off! The inaugural Aspen Fifty riders are on course. Perfect blue sky day with peak fall colors. Couldn't ask for better conditions!
 The Campground Connector reroutes above Ditch Trail in Snowmass are nearing completion...! Big thanks to @snowmassrec and partners for getting @imba_us Trail Solutions on the scene! : @unclejoeyklein  The Aspen Fifty ride is this Sunday! Notice for this first year event is now posted along the course. Big thanks to WEDU for all the organizing that will benefit RFMBA and our local trails! The event is booked up this year, but we look forward to inviting more riders during next year's edition. More at RFMBA.org/Aspen-50

Our Mission
The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association is dedicated to creating and sustaining the best possible mountain bike trail system in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Our territory ranges from Glenwood Springs to Aspen,  and from McClure Pass to Hagerman Pass.

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Annual Memberships, Business Sponsorships and Donations help RFMBA accomplish great things for trails and the mountain bike community!  Your Membership helps RFMBA to advocate for improving the trail system and increase our ability to partner on projects to maintain our existing trails and build new ones.   Thank you for supporting and aiding our efforts!

Our Trails
Check out mtbproject.com for existing trails in our area.  This collaborative trail guide website currently shows many, although not yet all, of the best rides in our valley.  Post your rides, photos, and trail conditions today!