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 Glenwood Springs ride report: Boy Scout dry up to Forrest hollow. No trees down. Didn't ride Forrest hollow but it may be getting close to dry too. Edit: Saturday report: snow drifts start about a mile from top of Scout trail. Give it some time!  3rd Annual Fat Cycle Challenge was a blast this Past weekend! Thanks to ACRA for pulling the race off amidst fresh snow conditions, and for #alohamtncyclery and #cimacycles providing free demo fat bikes for everyone to get a little taste of the fat life!
 Snowmass POSTR plan Open House. Wednesday 2/17, 3-7pm, Snowmass Recreation Center. Drop by, and speak up for more + better trails!  Aspen Fat Bike Loop is now open! Shown here in red, (amongst Nordic system trails mostly not open to bikes), this 4.5 mile loop offers a mix of fat bike only groomed trail, shared use groomed trails, packed Singletrack and plowed but icy & snowy bike paths. Find map you can print and all the details at RFMBA.org/news/
 Riding over Stein Bridge this past weekend. Aspen Fat Bike Loop is riding well as of Tuesday night. Current weather forecast means good fat tire riding into the weekend!  With today's winter storm, it's somewhat official... High country riding is over for the season. This was the view of 14er Capitol Peak from the Hay Park Trail in early October. The White River Forest is certainly one of the best places to ride mountain bikes in Colorado! #ForestGratitude #rideyerbike
 Aspen Fat Bike Loop was snowmobile packed yesterday. Golf course section is still a bit soft, but makes for a good challenge. Burlingame Connector to Stein Bridge + Rio Grande trail are all riding great today. Word on the trails is that Prince Creek fat biking is also good to go right now!  The new Buttermilk Connector is ready to ride! Find it on the south side of B'milk's main parking lot, and ride it towards Airline Trail. This brings us one segment closer to connecting Aspen to Sky Mt. Park with quality singletrack! Huge thanks to City of Aspen OS&T & Pitkin OS&T for getting the trail built. Careful when crossing Owl Creek Road, new trail crossing signage is not yet in place. Please avoid causing ruts in the new soft trail surface when it's wet from rain or snow.

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The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association is dedicated to creating and sustaining the best possible mountain bike trail system in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Our territory ranges from Glenwood Springs to Aspen,  and from McClure Pass to Hagerman Pass.

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Our Trails
Check out mtbproject.com for existing trails in our area.  This collaborative trail guide website currently shows many, although not yet all, of the best rides in our valley.  Post your rides, photos, and trail conditions today!