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Snowmass Bike Park

Snowmass Bike Park – Passholder Week June 23-29 2017

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your downhill skills or you just want to send gnarly booters, Aspen Skiing Company season pass holders get a single-day Snowmass Bike Park lift ticket for free from June 23rd-June 29th 2017. In addition to the benefits below,  passholders receive additional lift ticket discounts all season long. Continue reading Snowmass Bike Park – Passholder Week June 23-29 2017

Help link Glassier to Buckhorn Sunday with ALOHA June 11th – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Anyone who wants to be involved in building this great community asset can join up with the Aloha Mt. Cyclery trail crew Sunday, June 11th for Buckhorn Traverse Extension trail work. Building trails is a great way to have fun, meet other mid-valley cyclists and enjoy the great outdoors MORE INFO:

Bring your bike!  Park at Rock Bottom Ranch. (RBR is giving us special permission to park in their parking lot this day only).

And don’t forget to stay tuned to RFMBA for more trail building action as we will be posting info on our Thursday evening ride-dig-ride sessions in June and July. Continue reading Help link Glassier to Buckhorn Sunday with ALOHA June 11th – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Introducing Grandstaff Trail overlooking Glenwood Springs

The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA), with funding assistance from the City of Glenwood Springs, Alpine Bank, Garfield County’s LiveWell Program, Two Rivers Trails, Catena Foundation, and of course all of our supporting members and sponsors is spearheading the construction of 2.4 miles of new dirt trail that will make the trek a little less of a challenge than using the existing fall-line trails.

Continue reading Introducing Grandstaff Trail overlooking Glenwood Springs

Mountain Biking Fun

Keeping Mountain Biking Fun

With the mountain biking season underway we thought it was a good time to reflect on what keeps us coming back to this sport season after season, and the things we do to keep our passion for the sport alive. Good weather, great trails, and even better riding friends are always at the heart of an epic day on the bike, but there is so much more. This list will help you keep the stoke high and the passion for mountain biking burning for years to come.

  • Be a good steward of the sport. Be friendly. Help others. Respect trail guidelines and the other people and animals we share the trails with.
  • Be mindful, appreciative, and aware.
  • Ride under as many sunrises, sunsets, and full moons as possible. It keeps you in tune with the rhythms of nature.
  • Ride new trails as often as possible. Few things inspire like the potential for new horizons.
  • Enter a local race. This is a great way to challenge yourself and support your local mountain bike community.
  • Support your local mtb club with your time and money when you can. Every hour and every dollar helps. A lot.
  • Push yourself, but know your limits. Wear a helmet. Be safe out there!
  • Help maintain & build local trails. The satisfaction of cutting new trail then riding new trail is tremendous. Know that thousands to follow will enjoy your efforts.
  • Ride with a posse. It’s always better to share the experience.
  • Ride alone. Stay in tune with the solitude of nature.
  • Ride at night, but always use adequate lighting.
  • Take a few fun photos and share them with your riding mates!
  • Love your bike. Keep it clean. Learn to do basic maintenance yourself. Take it to your local shop for the expertise they offer.
  • Always be prepared out on the trail. Water, snacks, tubes, tools, pump, and map are always a good idea.
  • Take your kid out for a ride.
  • Try using an app to enhance your enjoyment.
  • Smile and laugh a lot. Hoot and holler when you’re feeling it. Ride with others who do the same.
  • Find a local demo day and ride it like you stole it… (until it’s time to check out another bike!).
  • Try an overnight bikepacking trip.
  • Visit a local bike park or pump track. This is a great way to hone your skills.
  • Take your dog out for a ride. But know where, when, and how to do so. Always clean up after your dog!
  • Take a skills workshop. You can always learn more.
  • When out in nature at the summit of a big climb, take a minute to breathe deep and appreciate your surroundings.
  • Avoid injury and always make it home safely.
  • Share a toast, a tasty beverage, and a hearty meal after your ride.

Author’s Note: This article is inspired by the work of RFMBA friend and board member Art Burrows in his piece “Keeping Skiing Fun”.