Aspen Fat Bike Loop – Winter 2016

The City of Aspen’s Parks & Open Space Department is pleased to announce a new fat bike loop trail that is now open for winter 2016!  This loop has been developed in collaboration with RFMBA.  We’re grateful for the City’s investment in great fat biking experiences!

Aspen Fat Bike Loop 2016

You’ll find the 4.5 mile loop signed for fat bike users starting at three recommended trailheads: Marolt Open Space, Aspen Recreation Center, and Buttermilk’s Tiehack parking lot.  If you choose to park at the Truscott Cross Country Ski Center, please take care to not ride on the groomed Nordic Trail System as bikes are prohibited on those trails.

The loop rides best clockwise.  While many fat bike riders may start at one of the recommended trailheads, plenty of others will ride from downtown Aspen along the Midland Trail to get to the Marolt Open Space trails where all groomed winter loop trails are now open to bikes.  Take a lap here to add distance to your ride.

From Marolt OS, utilize plowed bike paths to make your way through the Aspen School Campus and cross Maroon Creek Rd. to connect to the Aspen Rec Center.  Follow the signs across Terral Wade (Tieback Bridge), and drop down onto the Maroon Creek Trail.  After a fun traverse and descent, you’ll climb out of the valley up to the golf course area near Truscott.

At the top of the climb, make a left and follow the plowed path for a short while until you see the fat bike sign on your right that will lead you through a mile+ of fat bike singletrack across the length of the golf course.  Note that you’ll be crossing nordic trails many times; please stay on the fat bike trail.  Finish the loop using plowed bike paths to return to Marolt Open Space.  Extend your ride by cruising down the plowed Cemetery Lane bike path to enjoy the Rio Grande Trail, which is open to fat bikes and groomed all the way to Basalt!

Print out pdf version of the map:

Regulation and Recommendations for riding fat bikes around Aspen:

Act responsibly, this loop of groomed and plowed trails are maintained free of charge for the enjoyment, challenge, and fitness of all trail users.  Please read all posted signage.

Nordic trails are not open to Fat Bikes unless designated by signage or trail maps.

When riding on shared-use groomed or plowed trails, Fat Bikes yield to all other trail users.  Remember, skiers don’t have brakes, but bikes do.

When the trail surface is too soft, it’s not fun riding & it damages the trail for other users.  If you leave a rut deeper than 1 inch, it’s too soft and probably time to call it a day.

Do not ride on or in the classic tracks on the Marolt OS trails (two parallel lines grooved into the snow).

Allow time for freshly groomed trails to set up and harden before riding.

Utilize fat tires 3.5″ or wider.  Utilize your fat tires properly, ride with super low pressure to avoid creating ruts!

Be an ambassador for the sport of fat biking.  Stay polite, educate other riders, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and thank the groomers when you see them!