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This week: Dos Gringos to Donate Proceeds to RFMBA!

Co-owners Julie and Nelson Oldham are re-upping their commitment to the community they value so highly. To express their gratitude over the next 52 weeks, Dos Gringos is pledging $11,000 cash in a giving campaign leading up until the 20th anniversary on 11/11/20 a year from now. Every week DOS will spotlight one of the many non-profits in the Roaring Fork Valley that do such admirable work and make a cash donation to each based on sales that week.

This week (December 30 – January 5) RFMBA will be the recipient. So feel free to double up on your burrito order and support more trails!

RFMBA Members get discounts on over 100 brands of gear through

For those of you who have been around for a while, the program used to be called “Experticity” Now it’s called Expert Voice aka

All opinions matter…
yours matter a lot more.

If you’re an RFMBA member and people trust your advice, ExpertVoice is for you. Join the ExpertVoice community and get exclusive access to your favorite products at up to 60% off MSRP.

IMBA Group Code is : 8F22-F811-ADEA-C4D5

You can get to the benefit by logging into

On your personal dashboard page there are three boxes (Personal dashboard can be reached by clicking a dropdown accessed by clicking the “Welcome” text at the upper right third of the page)

On the dashboard, click the middle “Manage Membership” box and your current membership status will appear below the three boxes.

On the lower part of that current membership status page is a brief paragraph mentioning benefits and a link to

Click the link and you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account with your name, IMBA Group Code 8F22-F811-ADEA-C4D5 as well as an image of proof of your current membership.

Image of your membership card is asked but one could simply take a screen shot of your membership stats from that dashboard page and submitted that.

After email verification, and taking a survey, you should be good to go to shop for products.

See screen shots below

Click link to Expert Voice
Proof of membership

Pitkin County seeks approval of Redstone to McClure Pass trail from Forest Service

Read full article in Aspen Times by Scott Condon HERE

The U.S. Forest Service plans to begin review of a key segment of the Carbondale to Crested Butte Trail early next year.

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails submitted a plan to the White River National Forest for a 7-mile stretch of the trail from the town of Redstone to the summit of McClure Pass. About 5 miles of that section is on national forestland so it must go through review under the National Environmental Policy Act.

RFMBA supports this section of trail and advocates for a singletrack multiple use trail.

And the Yeti Bike Raffle Winner is…

Congratulations to Keith Kiggins who’s selected an SB100 for the grand prize!

But Keith isn’t the only winner.

Everyone who purchased raffle tickets helped to improve the mountain bike trail system in the Roaring Fork Valley.  So in a way, your contribution makes us all winners in the long run!

So the next time you are able to put knobbies to dirt on one of the awesome Roaring Fork trails we hope you feel proud that your raffle ticket purchase helped to create and sustain the very trail you are shredding.

So congratulations again to Keith and the mountain bike community and a hearty thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets this summer!

Thanks to Yeti Cycles & Basalt Bike & Ski for making the raffle possible. This has been a successful fundraiser to support RFMBA’s mission to create and sustain the best possible mountain bike trails and experiences in the Roaring Fork valley and beyond!

See you on the trails!

Yeti Bike Raffle Winner Keith Kiggins of Denver, Colorado with Joel Mischke of Basalt Bike and Ski

The 2019 Yeti RFMBA Bike Raffle was conducted under Colorado Raffle License #2019-14664

Snowmass Seasonal Trail Closures

The Snowmass Village Animal Services Department enforces trail closures enacted to protect sensitive wildlife habitats. Per Section 10-29: Seasonal Trail Closures of the TOSV Municipal Code, it is unlawful of any persons to use by any means the following trails during wildlife sensitive periods, as follows:

  • Anaerobic Nightmare Trail: April 25 through June 21
  • Sequel Trail: April 25 through June 21
  • Tom Blake Trail: April 25 through June 21
  • Government Trail east of Elk Camp Work Road: May 15 through June 21
  • Rim Trail North: December 1 through May 16
  • Seven Star Trail: December 1 through May 16
  • Upper North Mesa Equestrian Trail: December 1 through May 16
  • Sky Mountain Park: December 1 through May 16

Trail closures are strictly enforced by the Town’s Animal Services Division, in partnership with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Wildlife monitoring cameras are in use in closed areas.

There is a zero tolerance policy for trail closure violations and fines can reach up to $5,000.