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Crystal Valley Trail – Survey Responses due Wednesday November 15!

RFMBA is recommending that mountain bikers support the vision of the Carbondale to Crested Butte Trail by participating in a Survey that will result in preferred trail alignments in the Crystal River Valley.  You can review the details for each option of each trail trail segment, including impacts to the Environment, impacts on User Experience, Engineering degree of difficulty, and the option’s Estimated Costs… at this link.  Click on the tabbed Circles 2 through 21 to explore each segment.

Participating in the survey and stating your support for the trail in general is critical before the Nov. 15 survey deadline.

For 17 of the segments, we recommend that you support Option B, the off-highway alternative.  The 3 other segments (Hays Creek, Placita, and Top of McClure) have only one Option: A, which closely parallels Highway 133 for a short distance due to topography constraints.

We’re most excited to see the segments from Redstone to McClure Pass come to fruition in coming years.  Proposed as singletrack, it would mean a 7 mile ride up, and then another 7 miles back down from the pass.  This would be a great 14 mile out and back mountain bike ride, perfect for a fun day’s adventure starting and ending in Redstone.  We’re also excited about the prospect of improved long distance rides all the way to CB from Carbondale once the entire trail is in place.

While supporting Option B – the off-highway option – makes sense given a superior user experience, and more reasonable cost impacts, there is a very important caveat; private property easements must be agreed upon before proceeding to further stages of design, approval, and construction.  With 7 segments needing easement agreements to be negotiated (each of of these is downvalley from Redstone, where a paved multi-use path is being proposed), it is very possible that Option A (along Highway 133) will be needed at some locations to make the trail a reality.  We’re open to compromise solutions where agreements can’t be negotiated.

Spend a few minutes today with the maps and the segment details, and submit your survey responses before Weds. Nov. 15th!  Big thanks to Pitkin County Open Space & Trails for investing in and coordinating the study and analysis of this important regional trail!

Carbondale’s Parks Trails & Recreation Survey

The Town of Carbondale needs your input and wants to know what is important to you when it comes to the community’s parks, recreation programs and trails. By completing the survey, you will play a role in shaping future efforts over the next 10 years. 

Carbondale appreciates your time in completing this survey, and in return, would like to thank you with a FREE 1-DAY PASS to the Carbondale Recreation & Community Center upon completion of the survey.  Survey will be available Sept. 26 – Oct. 19.

Help spread the work by printing and posting this pdf for your shop or business:

Example of a Concept Trails Plan

Glenwood Springs Trails

Public feedback to aid in creation of a Concept Trails Plan for the Glenwood Springs area is requested from riders, and other soft surface trail users.

Please take a few minutes to complete this online Glenwood Springs Trails Survey hosted by SurveyMonkey.

If you’re available, please join us for an IMBA Model Trails Presentation +  introduction to Glenwood Springs Area Concept Trails Planning.  Join us at the Glenwood Springs Community Center, 7pm, Weds. October 8th. This presentation will help inform the local community about the economic and tourism benefits of trails and mountain biking, and build support for future area trail projects.

An example of a Concept Trails Plan from Pocohontas State Park is shown above.  This is the first step in a multi-year process that will include detailed trail planning, trail improvements projects, and new trail construction. If you are a trail user, a local business owner, a community leader, or a mountain biker, please stay involved and learn what great trails can do for Glenwood Springs!

The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association , Two Rivers Trails, and  the City of Glenwood Springs Parks & Trails Department, have engaged the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)’s Trail Solutions to create this Concept Trails Plan with the intention of further collaborating with Garfield County, the White River National Forest & the Bureau of Land Management on future trail system improvements in the Glenwood Springs Area.

Help spread the word, and print out this Event Poster for your shop or business!
GWS Trail Planning Poster 10-1-14