Expert Voice… a perk of RFMBA Membership

For those of you who have been around for a while, the program used to be called “Experticity” Now it’s called Expert Voice aka

All opinions matter…
yours matter a lot more.

If you’re an RFMBA member and people trust your advice, ExpertVoice is for you. Join the ExpertVoice community and get exclusive access to your favorite products at up to 60% off MSRP.

IMBA Group Code is : 8F22-F811-ADEA-C4D5

You can get to the benefit by logging into

On your personal dashboard page there are three boxes (Personal dashboard can be reached by clicking a dropdown accessed by clicking the “Welcome” text at the upper right third of the page)

On the dashboard, click the middle “Manage Membership” box and your current membership status will appear below the three boxes.

On the lower part of that current membership status page is a brief paragraph mentioning benefits and a link to

Click the link and you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account with your name, IMBA Group Code 8F22-F811-ADEA-C4D5 as well as an image of proof of your current membership.

Image of your membership card is asked but one could simply take a screen shot of your membership stats from that dashboard page and submitted that.

After email verification, and taking a survey, you should be good to go to shop for products.

See screen shots below

Click link to Expert Voice
Proof of membership