Where to Fat Bike in the Roaring Fork Valley

You can easily escape the lifts and skiers on a fat bike this winter.  Just check out these trails and get your gear on!


Aspen Fat Bike Loop: Includes portions of the Aspen Golf Course, Marolt Open Space and Maroon Creek Trail linking the ARC to the Aspen Golf Course.

Snowmass: Brush Creek, Owl Creek(at Pines), Melton, Village Way, and Fox Run Trails are groomed for fat bikes.

Rio Grande Trail: Full trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs (Except for the two mile section between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Store)

Red Hill: All “front side” trails south of Elk Traverse.

Prince Creek Below North Porcupine:  Prince Creek Climbing Trail, Monte Carlo, Christmas Tree, Lower FOG.

Grandstaff Trail: Access by riding up Red Mountain Road in Glenwood Springs.

Lower New Castle Trails: Prendergast Hill, Medaris, Pub View, Salty Dalty & Jolley Trails

Of course, if weather should hit the valley before these dates causing muddy/wet conditions, please stay off trails until they dry out or freeze over.