Redstone to McClure Pass Trail – Comment by 2/20/20

Redstone to McClure Pass Trail – Scoping Period Comments due by Thursday 2/20/20. Take a couple minutes and submit your comment today! 

Pitkin County is moving forward on the next stage of the Carbondale to Crested Butte Trail.  They have asked the White River National Forest (WRNF) to take a deep look at a particular 7 mile portion called the Redstone to McClure Pass Trail.  This portion of the future trail would be soft-surface or natural surface trail, 3 to 5 feet wide, with a singletrack feel in many places.  A couple of miles would closely parallel Highway 133, while 5 miles would utilize historic routes including the Rock Creek Wagon Road, and the Old McClure Pass Rd.  

Learn more about the Scoping period the will lead to the project’s Environmental Assessment at this link:

During the County’s planning process that resulted in the adoption of an overall vision for the trail between Carbondale and the top of McClure Pass, this segment was generally considered the least controversial and generated little opposition.  However, now that it will be the focus of a more detailed Environmental Assessment, trail users and mountain bikers need to speak up and share their views with the WRNF about this potential trail.  

RFMBA supports this trail’s eventual approval.  When complete, it would allow riders to enjoy a 14 mile out-and-back ride from Redstone.  Some will choose to visit the area and take their time on the trail to enjoy the incredible views available in this part of the Crystal Valley.  Residents who live near Redstone will be able to enjoy this trail without even getting in a motor vehicle.

We also support the long term vision for the overall trail.  While the lower valley trail alignments may take many years to select the best alignment, fully study and approve, and finally construct… they would collectively result in the type of long distance adventures that many cyclists pursue. Whether seeking a day’s ride from Carbondale, up to the Pass and back, or continuing on the Raggeds Trail towards Crested Butte and beyond, approving this first segment in the upper Crystal Valley is the current focus, and deserves your support.

We suggest making your comments be specific to the type of experiences you would personally pursue, or envision others enjoying, on the trail between Redstone and McClure Pass.

Submit your comments using this link today!

Roaring Fork Valley Designated a Gold-Level Ride Center by the IMBA.

This is the first Gold-Level IMBA Ride Center in Colorado and the fifth in the United States.

With more than 300 miles of high quality singletrack to explore, the Roaring Fork Valley provides an incredible breadth of experiences for both local and visiting riders seeking beauty and exhilaration.

The IMBA Gold-Level evaluation criteria is comprised of key aspects that make for an amazing mountain bike destination and include: variety of trail types, overall trail mileage, quality of trail experiences, destination best practices, and local services.

The Roaring Fork Valley’s system of trails scored high marks in each of these categories, contributing to the IMBA Gold-Level designation.

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This week (December 30 – January 5) RFMBA will be the recipient. So feel free to double up on your burrito order and support more trails!

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