Comment on Proposed Rules for eMTBs on BLM trails by June 9!

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Never heard of ’em?

Good news, any above answer on eMTBs means it is important to participate in this comment period. Following up on last year’s Dept. of Interior Secretarial Order 3376, a Proposed Rule for managing e-bikes on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land is now open for public comment through June 9. Mountain bikers could be affected by this new rule more than any other user group. The BLM has long been a strong federal partner and values rider input, so let’s make sure our voices are heard and we shape this new rule well for mountain biking.

Pros of the proposed Rule: 
–Requires a local public process before allowing any eMTB access. 
–Distinguishes between class 1, class 2 and class 3 eMTBs. 
–Manages eMTBs separately from mountain bikes.

What could & should improve in the final Rule:
–Managing class 1, class 2 and class 3 eMTBs separately from each other.
–Prohibiting class 2 and class 3 eMTBs on natural surface non-motorized trails. 
-Revise any Rule language that carries a pre-decisional undertone. The BLM should point to NEPA as the required way of making revisions to travel management decisions. Local mountain bikers and stakeholders should play an important role in local decisions; local eMTB access should not be decided by the Dept. of Interior’s over-riding point of view.
–Clarify the timeline for required NEPA analysis as part of future planning processes. For some deep background details on this topic, take a look at IMBA’s analysis of the Proposed Rule. For more information on eMTBs, visit IMBA’s eMTB education page and IMBA’s eMTB FAQs.
Ready to submit a comment?

For this proposed rule you need to submit your individual comment using (Rule reference number: RIN 1004-AE72.) The sample comment below is in line with IMBA’s eMTB position, which supports class 1 eMTB access as long as access for traditional mountain bikes is not lost or impeded. We always advocate for these decisions to be made via public process alongside local mountain bikers and all stakeholders. Customize the comment below—the second paragraph would be great to personalize—or craft your own comment following these tips.
Sample Comment:
 Thank you for the opportunity for the public to engage in the Bureau of Land Management’s “Increasing Recreational Opportunities through the Use of Electric Bikes”.

The mountain bike community is responsible for a large part of the natural surface trail infrastructure that exists today on our federal, state and local public lands. Hundreds of organized mountain bike clubs around the country manage thousands of volunteers who work closely with land managers on trail development, trail maintenance, and trail education for all users. Mountain bikers appreciate that the leap in technology presented by eMTBs is a unique management challenge. This proposed rule rightfully plans separate management for bicycles and electric bicycles. It is critical that land managers and local mountain bikers work together to determine where eMTBs are and are not appropriate on current and future mountain bike trails. The proposed rule includes an admirable planning process to achieve this, which could be made stronger by clarifying the timeline for NEPA analysis.

The final rule should be improved by following the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s management recommendations: managing the three classes of e-bikes separately from one another, and prohibiting class 2 and class 3 eMTBs on natural surface, non-motorized trails. This is to maintain the spirit of traditional mountain bicycling by ensuring pedal-assisted use, and maintaining reasonable speeds for the safety of all users.
Thank you for the willingness to engage with the mountain bike community.

[name, location, contact information]
Thank you for taking action!

New opening dates for Coal Camp loops in South Canyon

The City of Glenwood Springs Parks and Recreation Commission has chosen to change the current wildlife closure dates for the upper and lower Coal Camp loops in South Canyon. The new dates are as follows:

  • Lower Coal Camp Loop will be closed Dec. 1 through April 30, open on May 1st.
  • The Upper Coal Camp Trail will be closed Dec. 1 through May 15, open on May 16. 

City of Glenwood Springs Parks and Recreation Commission warns users that the spring opening day may be delayed due to high snow or large numbers of elk in the area.


Big thanks goes out to the fine efforts of hardcore volunteers and the RFMBA Trail Crew who made the big push to get a short section of the new Undie Trail cleared for your riding pleasure. 

The “MIddle” section of Undie is just a short slice of the big Undie pie, but it is a nice shortcut to the upper section of the Father of Ginormous gully.   Of course, one could still ride to the top of the Crown for the thrilling steep and loose descent, but now you don’t have to. 

Be aware, there is stil a short section that is cleared but not 100% finished.  We recommend a quick hike-a-bike portage until the section is fully complete.  We expect to have that trail dug in sometime next week. 

To get to the new section, ride up BLM Road 8320 to about 1/2 before the wild and loose FoG drop in.  Look for the new Undie trail sign and go left.  (A trail that goes up and to the right at that junction is the Upper Undie section that is still under construction and only goes a short distance.  Feel free to check that out if you like. 

Trail Report May 22

Dear Roaring Fork riders,

Welcome to the weekend!  The big news this week is the opening of most White River National Forest trails such as Hummingbird, Forest Hollow, Mansfield Ditch etc.

Also, there is a new section of trail to ride on Prince Creek!

Plus, be sure to save the date – June 4 – for the first Undie Trail dig party!

Trails that are still closed

Tom Blake, Sequel, and Snowmass Bike Park Trails – will open for the season on June 21st.

Anaerobic Nightmare & Government Trail will open for the season on the June 28th – one week later than in the past (to benefit wildlife).

Also still closed:
Red Hill
Sutey Ranch
Coal Basin