Palisade Plunge Trail Scheduled to Open Next Summer

When complete, the Palisade Plunge will connect the top of the Grand Mesa (10,700′) to the Town of Palisade, CO, (4,700′) via 32 miles of superb quality back-country singletrack with 6,000’ of vertical relief.  COPMOBA Board President, Scott Winans, states “Phase I construction of the Palisade Plunge project began in July of this year.  Our trail is being forged through remote, rough, and beautiful country – a slow and painstaking process to create the physical trail that has taken so much time, effort, and partnership to plan and execute over the past many years.  When viewed in terms of typical trail projects, the Plunge has happened at light speed.  This is due to the tremendous community support for the idea and commitments made by all partners in the process.

Nearly half of the Phase I trail mileage is now complete, including some of the toughest construction areas on the route, and work continues with three construction crews active on the ground.  When complete in Spring-Summer next year, Phase I work will provide ~16 mi of trail along the stunning west flank of the Grand Mesa.  You’ll find some high-speed flow, back-country feel, stunning views of our country, and a ride you will not forget.”

If you would like to donate to help build the plunge CLICK HERE

Red Table Trail is Clear!

Red Table Trail, go get it! Perfect fall conditions right now.
Looking to ride or run a backcountry trail this weekend? Go find yourself on the Red Table Trail above Basalt Mtn.

This area was not hit by last summer’s fire, but it did have about 90 trees down, blocking the path over recent years.Find the lower end of the trail at the 3 way intersection with Cattle Creek Trail & Basalt Mt. Trail.

You could ride it as part of a big day with the ‘upper loop’, finishing down Cattle Creek Trail, or drive up Basalt Mt. Rd. for an out and back on Basalt Mt. Trail + Red Table Trail.

The leaves are turning right now, gorgeous up there


Introducing the Vasten Trail – A Mid-Valley Gem!

Many riders consider the best trail is the trail you can ride to from your house. And for Mid-Valley riders from Basalt to Carbondale, Vasten might just be the new best trail.

This fall marks the official opening of the Vasten Trail, a six-mile intermediate cross country trail located above and beyond Crown Mountain’s Glassier Open Space and Buckhorn Traverse.

The Vasten Trail, named after a family that homesteaded the area, is brought to you by RFMBA in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, Mid Valley Trails Committee of Eagle County, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, Garfield County Commissioners, the Catena Foundation, and the awesome members, sponsors and donors of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association. With funding from these partners, Rocky Mt. Youth Corp crews worked throughout the summer, often with RFMBA’s seasonal trail crew clearing corridor ahead. This trail is just another great example of what your support of RFMBA can do for you and the valley. Bravo to you all. This trail is built for you and you deserve it!

While Vasten is built as a two way trail, due to the narrow nature of the trail and the general flow, we highly recommend riding in an East -> West direction. Starting at the top of Glassier and climbing south onto Vasten traveling in a clockwise direction, then coming out on the Buckhorn Traverse.

Be aware, if choosing to ride this trail West to East, you will not be “going with the flow” and may encounter a significant amount of oncoming traffic.

Despite our recommendations, of course there will be riders who may choose to ride West to East. As always, please yield to the uphill rider.

The six mile trail is best accessed from the top of the Glassier Trail. Heading South from the Vasten/Buckhorn intersection, riders ascend over 600 ft up a steady two mile climb through sage fields and Gambel oak glades. While the grade of the climb is similar to the grade of the Glassier climb, the views are quite different and there is more shade. Near the top of the climb are two slightly menacing cattle guards that are fun to ride over with a little speed. Once over the cattle guards riders descend four miles through sage fields and twisting tunnels of Gambel Oak single track bliss.

It takes a lot to create a trail like Vasten, but trails give back to their community ten fold. For some, it’s their gym, their church, or even their therapist. Vasten will most likely be more than just a trail. For Roaring Fork Valley riders, Vasten is a true cross country blessing.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the members and supporters of RFMBA! Your memberships and donations allow us to continue to bring to the community spectacular amenities such as the Vasten Trail.

The Vasten Trail will be subject to the same winter closure as many other trails on BLM lands in the valley. The closure will be in effect Dec. 1 through April 15. Also worth remembering that the adjacent Glassier Open Space has a longer seasonal closure, through May 15.


Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2019 edition of the Aspen FIFTY! We’re grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and want to send a special thanks to WEDU and to all of our volunteers who made this event possible! If you raced, check out this link for photographs taken by Liz Kreutz out on course. Congrats to 50 mile winners Dean Hill & Rachel Beck, and everyone else who enjoyed the long suffer while out on the course!