Big thanks goes out to the fine efforts of hardcore volunteers and the RFMBA Trail Crew who made the big push to get a short section of the new Undie Trail cleared for your riding pleasure. 

The “MIddle” section of Undie is just a short slice of the big Undie pie, but it is a nice shortcut to the upper section of the Father of Ginormous gully.   Of course, one could still ride to the top of the Crown for the thrilling steep and loose descent, but now you don’t have to. 

Be aware, there is stil a short section that is cleared but not 100% finished.  We recommend a quick hike-a-bike portage until the section is fully complete.  We expect to have that trail dug in sometime next week. 

To get to the new section, ride up BLM Road 8320 to about 1/2 before the wild and loose FoG drop in.  Look for the new Undie trail sign and go left.  (A trail that goes up and to the right at that junction is the Upper Undie section that is still under construction and only goes a short distance.  Feel free to check that out if you like. 

Trail Report May 22

Dear Roaring Fork riders,

Welcome to the weekend!  The big news this week is the opening of most White River National Forest trails such as Hummingbird, Forest Hollow, Mansfield Ditch etc.

Also, there is a new section of trail to ride on Prince Creek!

Plus, be sure to save the date – June 4 – for the first Undie Trail dig party!

Trails that are still closed

Tom Blake, Sequel, and Snowmass Bike Park Trails – will open for the season on June 21st.

Anaerobic Nightmare & Government Trail will open for the season on the June 28th – one week later than in the past (to benefit wildlife).

Also still closed:
Red Hill
Sutey Ranch
Coal Basin


Red Hill Trails to Close May 18

You better get your Red Hill rides in now because …

The Town of Carbondale will be closing the Red Hill Trail access and the commuter parking on May 18, 2020. This closure will last approximately four to six weeks (until the project is completed.)

The Town of Carbondale reminds us that these closures are necessary for safety reasons as the entire project area will be very active and hazards may exist until the project is complete.

Officials state that there will be no safe way for folks to park or access the trails either during working hours or after construction has been wrapped up for the day.

Roaring Fork Trail Report Friday, May 1, 2020

We’ve got good news.  The last week brought out plenty of snow melting and trail drying sun.  There are many more miles of open and dry trails to help us all keep socially distanced on the trails. 

Fresh openings and dry trails of note: Hawk Ridge, Rio Grande from Rock Bottom Ranch to Catherines Store, Skull Bucket and Vasten.

Here’s the latest trail scoop as of Friday, May 1st:

• Hawk Ridge is open and dry
◦ Hawk Ridge is a new trail connecting the Mountain View trail to the South Rim climb. The trail allows riders to bypass the Fanny Hill area and many of the condo parking lots en route to the Rim Trail.
◦ To ride Hawk Ridge from the North riders access the Mountain View trail behind the Snowmass Post Office.
◦ To ride Hawk Ridge from the South (Rim Trail), look for signs at the third switchback from the South Rim trailhead.
◦ A big shout out to Starr Jamison, hard working volunteers, the RFMBA Trail Crew and the Town of Snowmass Village for making this new trail possible. 
• Hawk Ridge allows us to ride more singletrack and through fewer parking lots – WIN!

Prince Creek
• Just about every trail is dry.
• Beware of a few puddles on Skull Bucket, upper Father of Ginormous and Dinkle Link
• The full Innie/Outie loop is dry.
• North Porcupine and the “Up and Over” loop are good to go
NOTE: The Rio Grande Trail between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Store Road is now open making the loop back to Carbondale a lot shorter …Yes!

Crown Mountain (North facing aspects)
• Buckhorn and Buckhorn Traverse are dry.
• The Vasten loop is ridable, but beware of some short sections still holding snow and water.  Please respect the trail by portaging over any potentially trail damaging sections.
• Riding West from the top of Lower Buckhorn to Outie and beyond to Prince Creek is dry.

A little info on Vasten Trail: 
Vasten is a designated as a two way trail. However, to promote a smoother flow with fewer instances of encountering oncoming traffic through sections of dence foliage we recommend rding the loop in a clockwise direction.
• Glassier does not open until May 16th. So the Buckhorn-Glassier loop is not an option yet. 

Red Hill
• All trails open and dry.
• Dry.  
Glenwood Springs/South Canyon
• Grandstaff – Dry
• Wulshohn Trails – Dry
• South Canyon Lighting Bug & Tramway –  Dry
• South Canyon Coal Camp – Seasonal closure still in effect until conditions permit
New Castle
• Town trails and Colorow/Stairway to Heaven network are dry and riding well. 

What is still closed to riding:
• Most local trails located in the White River National Forest
• Glassier Trail – opens May 16th
• Coal Camp loops in South Canyon – the City of Glenwood Springs will open these trails when the snow melts.
• Just about every trail upvalley from El Jebel  – Sky Mountain Park is scheduled to open May 16th.
• Anything wet and muddy or under snow.