Many End of Season Trail Closures Begin Friday, December 1st

Here are the official closing dates for some of the more popular trails.

For a complete list, check out the trail conditions on or MTB Project. 

Sky Mountain Park, North Rim, Seven Star: Seasonal wildlife closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through May 15

Rio Grande Trail: Rock Bottom Ranch to Catherine Store segment is seasonally closed for all users Dec. 1, 5pm – April 30, 5pm.

Glassier Open Space: Seasonal closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through May 15. – Please note: Glassier OS is closed after dark per the adopted management plan; plan your night rides to start up the hill at dusk so you can finish on Buckhorn and the Rio Grande with your lights turned on.

Crown / Prince Creek / Buckhorn: Seasonal closure in effect for bikes on most Crown BLM land Dec. 1 through April 15.  An exception to this closure allows for bikes (fat bikes!) on lower Prince Creek trails (South Porcupine Ditch and below).

Red Hill: Elk Traverse + north side trails seasonal closure for all users is Dec. 1 through April 15.

Lorax Trail: Seasonal closure for bikes on Lorax area BLM routes Dec. 1 through April 15.

New Castle: Seasonal closure for bikes on  BLM routes north of N.C., Dec. 1 through April 15.

Of course, if weather should hit the valley before these dates causing muddy/wet conditions, please stay off trails until they dry out.