Members and Supporters of RFMBA, We Salute You!

Dear supporters of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association,

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. But one thing the RFMBA is proud of is the fact that trails were always there for you. Despite the added challenges of group gatherings due to the pandemic, this past year we dug more miles of sweet single track and cleared more old school backcountry trails for everyone to enjoy.

For members of the mountain bike community, trails are often more than a path through the fields and forests going from one place to another. Trails are where we can be free and lost in our own thoughts and feelings far away from the stress of crowds, COVID, alerts and notifications.

Social Distanced trail building in 2020

RFMBA volunteer trail days can unite us, bolstering strong communities with shared appreciation for nature, views, thrills, fitness, fresh air, escape and everything in between. RFMBA Trail Agents use solo and small group efforts to tackle projects big and small throughout the valley. And the five person RFMBA Seasonal Trail Crew works full time to cut out deadfall, build and improve berms, chisel out new lines and overcome the obstacles holding back the knobby tracks of our movement.

It’s often quoted, that it “takes a village” to get things done. Here in the Roaring Fork, its more like “It takes a valley.” A valley of passionate riders to create and maintain the excellent trail network we all desire and rely upon when times get tough.

Early in the pandemic, when travel outside the valley was not an option. The trails were here for us. And so was RFMBA to help dig the way to even more trails and good old fashioned local vibes.

We thank all of you who generously support the RFMBA mission. From volunteer trail builders, to individual and family members, to local and regional business sponsors and foundations supporting us. For all who have given generously this year, we THANK YOU for helping us continue to create and sustain the best mountain bike experiences possible.

RFMBA Seasonal Trail Crew clearing Arbaney-Kittle.

In February, we earned the high distinction of becoming one of the first Gold Level Ride Centers in the nation. We encourage every member, volunteer, donor and supporter to feel pride in achieving that high honor. We are a community that loves trails and it shows. Congratulations to all of you.

In 2020, Roaring Fork Valley becomes the first Gold-Level IMBA Ride Center in Colorado and the fifth in the United States.

We encourage every member, volunteer, donor and supporter to feel pride in achieving that high honor. We are a community that loves trails and it shows. Congratulations to all of you.

Some of the unsung heroes of the Roaring Fork Valley are the Trail Agents. Roaming the trails like elusive forest elves, Trail Agents are rarely seen but their impacts are great. To bring more attention to the Trail Agent program we have created the volunteer Trail Agent Race Team.

The Trail Agent Race Team is sponsored by Ute City Cycles and by a generous donation from a supportive foundation seeking to increase the visibility and public knowledge of RFMBA’s mission based work.

In exchange for sponsorship, racers are counted on to assist with local trail projects, and spread the word of the RFMBA mission at local races.

In 2020, the volunteer RFMBA race team was proud to take top honors in the Aspen Cycling Club Senior Men’s A division for the third year in a row.

Volunteer RFMBA Trail Agent Race Team promotes the Trail Agent program

And in this holiday season, we should all raise a glass, a pint, water bottle or soda can to us all, a community dedicated to a wonderful network of trails now and for years to come!