Big thanks goes out to the fine efforts of hardcore volunteers and the RFMBA Trail Crew who made the big push to get a short section of the new Undie Trail cleared for your riding pleasure. 

The “MIddle” section of Undie is just a short slice of the big Undie pie, but it is a nice shortcut to the upper section of the Father of Ginormous gully.   Of course, one could still ride to the top of the Crown for the thrilling steep and loose descent, but now you don’t have to. 

Be aware, there is stil a short section that is cleared but not 100% finished.  We recommend a quick hike-a-bike portage until the section is fully complete.  We expect to have that trail dug in sometime next week. 

To get to the new section, ride up BLM Road 8320 to about 1/2 before the wild and loose FoG drop in.  Look for the new Undie trail sign and go left.  (A trail that goes up and to the right at that junction is the Upper Undie section that is still under construction and only goes a short distance.  Feel free to check that out if you like.