New Castle Trails

Good news! Due to the generosity of Russell Talbott and the New Castle Chamber of Commerce we officially have a stage for our musicians to perform on at the Summer Conference!

And did you know that if you purchase advance tickets you save a few bucks and most importantly you get 3 tickets good for food or beer, compared to 2 tickets on the day of the event.

So $15 plus a small processing fee gets you a full afternoon of amazing music from New Mamm Creek, Red Dirt River Band, Whiskey Stomp and Roots of Creation, and 3 food/drink tickets. Can’t beat that.

Visit the event page on our Facebook page or go to and search Summer Conference to purchase your advance tickets today.


New Castle Trails is comprised by local community members and volunteers with a common goal of creating the best possible trail network in and around the Town of New Castle, Colorado.  Established in 2015 as a committee of RFMBA, New Castle Trail’s mission is to be both a resource and advocate for the planning, development, enjoyment, and long term care of sustainable trails. New Castle Trails performs advocacy for local trails with Federal, State and Town Agencies as well as with private landowners. NCT is focused on trail planning and development; trail care education and maintenance; and promotion of trail information.

New Castle Trails has successfully coordinated with RFMBA and the Town of New Castle to navigate an Environmental Assessment process with the Bureau of Land Management to add expand the North Colorow Trail network.  BLM approvals in 2017 led to reroutes for sustainability and connectivity (Sweet Mother, Jasper), closures to preserve wildlife habitat, and a major new trail, Stairway to Heaven, to improve access to the BLM trail system for riders and hikers.   

New Castle Trails is working to grow its’ efforts to include trail maintenance on White River National Forest routes including the classic Mansfield Ditch and Cherry Creek Trails.   NCT and the Town of New Castle continue to work together to develop the best possible local soft surface trail network.  Recent improvements and new trails include the Alder Park ConnectorPendergast, Salty DaltyPubview, and the VIX Ranch Bike Park dirt jumps and pump tracks.

New Castle Trails supports the LOVA Trail Concept that will connect New Castle to Glenwood Springs, and looks forward to assisting RFMBA in the development of the new South Canyon Trail System. New Castle Trail is considered to be in good standing under Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association’s 501c(3) non-profit status. NCT operates on a  minimal budget that is dedicated to achieving high value projects by leveraging the efforts of local volunteers.  New Castle Trails partners closely with the Town of New Castle, but does not fall under its governmental structure.

Please contact us directly at for more information.  Visit our active Facebook Page to be a part of the conversation.

We are pleased to announce that those attending our 2018 Winter Conference will be treated to a double feature of The Rider and the Wolf and the new film Blood Road. February 16 is going to be a great evening of good food, drinks, friends and films.

Anyone who came to our 2017 Movie Night remembers that we pretty much took the New Castle Community Center to capacity. We are expecting larger turnout for 2018. So we are excited to announce that thanks to the generosity of WingNutz Bar and Grill and 19th Street Diner we will have additional capacity for both movie viewing and most importantly, the beer garden. More details to come soon, but invite all your friends and family, well have plenty of space!

For those of you who missed the Chili Cookoff in New Castle a couple of weeks ago, you will have another chance to try New Castle Trails very own Silver Medal Chili. Dinner will include a heaping portion of our Silver Medal Chili with all of the necessary chili fixins.

5:30 – 6:00 Beer Social
6:00 – 7:00 Rider and the Wolf Screening
7:00 – 7:30 Dinner
7:30 – 9:00 Blood Road Screening

If you haven’t seen these films, come to the Winter Conference. If you have seen these films, come watch it again at the Winter Conference.