Bike Giveaway Volunteer Incentive Program Earns $3,700 Bike for Valley Local

Grant Henley after being presented with a new Yeti ASR Enduro Mountain Bike with RFOV Director David Hamilton (left), RFMBA Director Mike Pritchard and Will Golde of Ute City Cycles.


When Grant Henley spent two days volunteering to work on local trails last summer he knew his reward would be some quality time spent outdoors in the beautiful Hunter Creek Valley, and a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.  But he didn’t know that luck was on his side, and he was going to win a $3,700 mountain bike – courtesy of Ute City Cycles, the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA), and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV).

The Hotel Jerome, where Henley works, has adopted the Lower Plunge Trail as part of RFOV’s Adopt-A-Trail program.  When the Hotel Jerome Crew were told that a chance to win a bike was part of the program, Henley didn’t take the prize into consideration for very long.

“They said you could win a bike, and I laughed and said  ‘yeah right, I never win anything.’ Henley explained.  Then I got a call last fall saying I won a bike and thought it was a joke.  But no, it wasn’t, it really was a nice new Yeti!”

Henley worked two separate days on the Lower Plunge & Upper Plunge Trail.  Those two volunteer efforts doubled his chances in the raffle drawing for the bike.  With his new ride, Henley is excited to explore more of the trails he and volunteers around the Roaring Fork Valley have put their hearts and souls into for the benefit of all.

The 2017 season will mark the third year that Ute City Cycles, RFMBA, and RFOV will give away a top of the line mountain bike as an incentive for trail volunteer work.   This year’s prize is a CIMA RT-5 full suspension mountain bike retailing for $4,000.  To get involved with volunteering – and possibly win a new bike – go to and to learn more.  The more you volunteer, the more chances to win!

The new CIMA RT-5 will be given to new a lucky volunteer / winner later this Fall, 2017!

Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association was founded in 2008 and is a Chapter of IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association. RFMBA’s mission is to create and sustain the best possible mountain bike trail system and experience in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Ute City Cycles, located on Main St. in Aspen, CO, is a full service bike shop offering sales, demos, and professional tunes for your ride.

This season, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers is celebrating 22 years of promoting stewardship of our public lands by engaging the community in volunteer trail and restoration projects.

Non-Profit in the Spotlight: RFMBA

Every month, Aspen Public Radio picks a non-profit in the Roaring Fork Valley that is focused on service and improving the community for all. Each week, you’ll hear a different aspect of our Non-Profit in the Spotlight as they explain their mission, challenges, and successes.  During August of 2016, Aspen Public Radio will be featuring RFMBA!

Click here to listen to Part 1:  Mike Pritchard is the Executive Director of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, or RFMBA . He discusses the organization’s beginnings with chairman of the RFMBA board, Charlie Eckart. 

Click here to listen to Part 2:  RFMBA Board Vice President, Todd Fugate & Mike Pritchard discuss the organization’s trail projects, including those on the BLM Crown area, and how they benefit more than just mountain bikers in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

Related to Part 2: Governor John Hickenlooper discusses the importance of Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry and how trail access improves communities at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen in June 2016. 

Click here to listen to Part 3:  RFMBA’s Charlie Eckart and Mike Pritchard explain how the organization balances their mission of maintaining and creating the best mountain bike trails in the Roaring Fork Valley with multiple local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as concerns of sustainability and equitable access. Also, Jim Neu of Glenwood Springs started the Two Rivers Trails, who shares his work with RFMBA to advocate for the construction of new trails in the Glenwood Springs area. 

Click here for Part 4:  RFMBA’s Adam Cornely, Charlie Eckart, and Mike Prticahard share the organization’s recent success with trail systems in New Castle, and the organization’s future goals and trail projects. 

Learn more about RFMBA and how you can get involved at, and visit the New Castle Trails Facebook page for volunteer opportunities and trail updates.

Regional rides and trail maps can be found through The Mountain Bike Project, in partnership with IMBA, at

Trail Build updates July 2016

The Seven Star trail build is now well under way!  This route will form a loop with the N. Rim Trail as it loops around to the east while staying north of Brush Creek Road & bike path.  The finished trail will connect with the Snowmass Recreation Center at Town Park, a great hub to start and end your ride.   The trail is actually part of the Sky Mountain Park management plan and its being built thanks to funding from Pitkin County Open Space & Trails, Town of Snowmass Village Parks, Rec. & Trails, and – thanks to generous funding dedicated to this project – RFMBA!  Tony Boone Trails won the competitive bid, and has been working away with his professional trail crew for the past couple weeks.  They are now more than a mile into the 4+ mile trail build.  We expect to celebrate the trail’s opening sometime around mid-August!

The Glassier Open Space, near El Jebel, is also seeing some professional trail building action right now.  Greg Mazu’s Singletrack Trails has been hired by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails to build both a horse trail and a foot & bike trail.  RFMBA advocated for this trail during the management plan process & then helped design the alignment last summer. We’re excited to see this trail project break ground next week.  The new trail that we’ll be riding later this summer will be located just east of the steep Glassier OS Access Rd., along the edge of the prominent red cliffs that rise above the mostly agricultural property’s lush fields.   We’re most excited about this trail because it will one day tie into the Buckhorn Traverse Extension and other area BLM trails that are currently being studied through the NEPA process.   You can check out this general zone by riding the doubletrack roads called out on  MTBproject as BLM Glassier to 8324 Route.

While these pro crews work long days to create some amazing trails for everyone, you might want to get your hands dirty and build some trail too… Well, we’ve got a perfect opportunity for you this Saturday, July 23rd!  Join us on RFOV’s public project from 8:30 AM to 5 PM.  We’ll be rerouting steeper portions of the Mountain View Trail that connects the Town Center shopping area of Snowmass Village up towards the start of the South Rim Trail.  We’ll eliminate the steepest grunts and build some nice turns and flowing trail segments that will have you skipping the nearby roads and paved paths on your next Rim Trail Loop!

What the Horse Sees…

With a majority of the Roaring Fork Valley’s trails open to multiple uses, it’s always important to remember that mountain bikers need to yield the trail to hikers, runners, and equestrians, not to mention uphill bike riders on two-way trails.

While we have many trails in this area where you’re not likely to encounter horses during your ride, an encounter can be both scary and dangerous for everyone involved.  To help educate trail users, the Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council (with input from RFMBA) put together the following poster that you may soon see at area trailheads, bike shops, etc.

WhatThatHorseSeesFinal Poster (PDF version)

Horses are a “prey” species.  As such, they can mistake a fast moving rider or runner for a mountain lion.  Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to yield the trail effectively and make sure that everyone has a good time while exploring our shared public lands.

When meeting a horse, dismount and move a safe distance off the trail. If more than one biker, move to the same side of the trail.  Speaking to the rider helps identify you as a person and will help calm a horse.

Thanks for playing your part out on the trails to ensure great continued access for mountain bikers!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.15.34 PM

Snowmass – Summer MTB Club – Skill Clinics for Juniors, Youth, and Girls

Join Snowmass Village Parks & Rec. for their summer Mountain Bike Club!

The goal of the Snowmass Village Mountain Bike Club is to provide aspiring shredders, of all abilities, technical mountain bike skills in a fun, friendly and safe environment. All clinics will focus on technical skills, trail riding, trail etiquette, bike maintenance, and trail map navigation. Detailed clinic curriculum listings can be found online.

Kids must have their own bikes, helmets and safety gear. Downhill equipment is not necessary as we will be focused primarily on cross country trails.  All registrations include a club t­shirt, water bottle and trail map.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.02.32 PM | 970-922-2240 | 2835 Brush Creek Road

Private Lessons: Lesson can be catered to interest and skill level. Lesson provides skills training to develop your mountain bike experience. Most private lessons are 1.5 hours long and set up individually with instructor at a time that works for both the instructor and client. 10% Discount for private lessons purchased in packages of 5 or more.

Program Flyer: Youth MTB Club