Important C to CB Trail Meeting June 26!

Mountain bikers who support the Proposal for the Crystal River Valley Trail need to let the Pitkin County commissioners, Open Space and Trails Board and the Carbondale Town Council know their thoughts on this incredible trail project.  Review the draft proposal and action items here.

While most of the mountain bike community might consider this trail a simple “no brainer,” sadly, it’s not.  There is opposition to this proposed trail, so more input from the mountain bike community is essential to help this plan move forward.

Please attend the June 26th meeting in Carbondale.  If the Commissioners hear more people speak in support vs. against the trail in general it will be very beneficial to the cycling and mountain biking community.

Two important upcoming dates:

  • June 26 at 4 PM – County commissioners and Open Space and Trails Board hear from the public at the Third Street Center (Calaway Room) in Carbondale.
  • July 27:  Deadline for survey

Please take a moment to fill out the survey.  Even if your comment is short and sweet it will make a difference.

The following points are what RFMBA has been pushing for:

1. Support the overall trail regardless of the final alignments being selected.  While Alt. B (non-Hwy 133 shoulder) is preferred by RFMBA due to generally better user experience, other factors will mean the future trail will follow Alt. A in some areas.

2. Support the portion of the trail that is proposed as mostly dirt singletrack (Redstone to McClure Pass).  A 14 mile out and back singletrack ride will be possible if parking at Redstone.


Need some help with the 4 key survey questions?  Simply state your support for and agreement with the Recommended Action Items in each of the categories listed below.  RFMBA has reviewed the full draft plan and feels that Pitkin County Open Space & Trails’ staff and consultants have done very strong work to date on a very complex trail proposal.  If you like fancy maps, spend time on the draft trail alignment segment mapping they have provided for review.

Biodiversity Preservation and Enhancement Action Items
Recreation Amenity Action Items
Maintenance, Management, Enforcement and Outreach Action Items
Trail Alignment Action Items