Lower Buckhorn Reroute Complete!

RFMBA is excited to announce completion of a long sought after reroute on the Crown BLM lands in the mid-valley.  The Buckhorn Trail connects the Rio Grande Trail (near Rock Bottom Ranch / Catherine Store) to Outie, meaning this trail will help you connect from the El Jebel area over to the Prince Creek side of the Crown.  The reroute was prioritized by the BLM given this key access route utilized both private property & a steep utility corridor that was never intended as a recreation route.

The new 1.6 mile reroute was studied through the NEPA process and approved by the BLM Colorado River Valley Field Office based on a concept that many people had worked to turn into reality.  RFMBA took a lead role in fine tuning the alignment that’s built today, and advocated for a major portion of funding for the project that was secured thanks to the Mid Valley Trails Committee of Eagle County.  Huge thanks to MVTC for providing $30,000 towards this project!  Total   RFMBA hired Tony Boone Trails to build the trail using a 30″ wide min-dozer, a min-excavator, motos with harrows, and plenty of hand work to buff out the trail for the first riders.  With perfect build conditions, the bottom part of the trail is already in great shape.  Rains over the next few weeks, combined with increased ridership will help to further pack in the tread.

Big thanks to Greg Wolfgang at the BLM for his role throughout the project, as well as George Trantow with MVTC for his vision and help to secure much of the funding!  And of course, thanks to all of our RFMBA members, business sponsors, donors, and volunteers for supporting the advocacy, coordination work, and funding needed to get to this point!

Below map shows the Reroute in context.  Bottom line, there is more to come in this area of the mid-valley!  Pitkin County will be constructing the Glassier Trail laster this summer, and RFMBA is working with the BLM to gain approval for the Buckhorn Traverse Extension, which will tie it all together.  All told, we should see about 8 miles of singletrack come together as a jug handle loop off of the Rio Grande Trail.  A perfect afterwork ride for those living and working the Basalt, El Jebel, or Carbondale areas.  Stay tune, and you’ll certainly here more.

Here’s the full press release with some more project details:
RFMBA_BLM_LowerBuckhornReroute_Press Release_5-13-16sm

Now, get out and ride!

RFMBA NE Crown BLM trail planning map


MTBproject.com map of Buckhorn Trail: