Non-Profit in the Spotlight: RFMBA

Every month, Aspen Public Radio picks a non-profit in the Roaring Fork Valley that is focused on service and improving the community for all. Each week, you’ll hear a different aspect of our Non-Profit in the Spotlight as they explain their mission, challenges, and successes.  During August of 2016, Aspen Public Radio will be featuring RFMBA!

Click here to listen to Part 1:  Mike Pritchard is the Executive Director of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, or RFMBA . He discusses the organization’s beginnings with chairman of the RFMBA board, Charlie Eckart. 

Click here to listen to Part 2:  RFMBA Board Vice President, Todd Fugate & Mike Pritchard discuss the organization’s trail projects, including those on the BLM Crown area, and how they benefit more than just mountain bikers in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

Related to Part 2: Governor John Hickenlooper discusses the importance of Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry and how trail access improves communities at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen in June 2016. 

Click here to listen to Part 3:  RFMBA’s Charlie Eckart and Mike Pritchard explain how the organization balances their mission of maintaining and creating the best mountain bike trails in the Roaring Fork Valley with multiple local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as concerns of sustainability and equitable access. Also, Jim Neu of Glenwood Springs started the Two Rivers Trails, who shares his work with RFMBA to advocate for the construction of new trails in the Glenwood Springs area. 

Click here for Part 4:  RFMBA’s Adam Cornely, Charlie Eckart, and Mike Prticahard share the organization’s recent success with trail systems in New Castle, and the organization’s future goals and trail projects. 

Learn more about RFMBA and how you can get involved at, and visit the New Castle Trails Facebook page for volunteer opportunities and trail updates.

Regional rides and trail maps can be found through The Mountain Bike Project, in partnership with IMBA, at