Seasonal Wildlife Closures – Snowmass area

In 2013, wildlife monitoring cameras showed 7 different cross country runners and multiple mountain bikers that had entered closed areas during calving season.  This was discouraging to local land managers and makes it difficult for RFMBA to advocate for additional trail development.   Please encourage your riding friends and family to respect these seasonal wildlife closures!

Wildlife Closure April 25 through June 20:  (Open to riding June 21)
Tom Blake Trail, Anaerobic Nightmare Trail, Sequel Trail

Wildlife Closure May 15 through June 20: (Open to riding June 21)
Government Trail (major segment between Snowmass  Ski Area and Buttermilk Ski Area)

Wildlife Closure Dec. 1 through May 15: (Open to riding May 16)
Sky Mountain Park Trails  (Highline & Lowline  trails remain open during this time!)

Reasons to Respect  Snowmass Village Seasonal Trail Closures:

  • Elk and other wildlife species are recovering from a declining diet in winter.
  • The habitat chosen for calving is a critical area with water, seclusion & grazing.
  • Stress and disturbance can lead to abandonment of this critical area and development has eliminated other options.
  • Riders may not realize they have disturbed wildlife during birthing.
  • A cow elk produced a calf on Tom Blake trail in 2013.  A moose was also sighted walking through the area.
  • Cow elk have a high energy demands during this time and need to forage and nurse without being startled and disrupted.
  • From May to the end of June is elk calving time.  Please honor closed gates and trails !   Please spread the word – Thank You!!