South Canyon Updates: What’s New and What’s Closed for the Season

If you have not witnessed first-hand the new trails in South Canyon, it’s probably time you did. The Tramway and Lightning Bug trails are open throughout the winter as long as conditions permit –  frozen dirt/snow (no mud).

The newly completed Coal Camp trail and parking area, open for riding only briefly in November, is now CLOSED for the season.

To access Tramway and Lightning Bug trails riders are asked to ride the Tramway trail, and avoid riding the road and/or entering at the Coal Camp trailhead.

Also, please enjoy the bridge crossing the creek at the bottom of the Tramway trail. This bridge’s former home was at the bottom of the Jeanne Golay and Grandstaff trails and was not often used.  Now, at it’s new home at the bottom of South Canyon, the bridge will surely be used more frequently.

RFMBA is helping create new signs and maps of the new South Canyon trail system that will be posted next spring.