Chance Larson

Chance blasted onto the local race scene in 2016 and his star status in the Roaring Fork community continues to rise.
He is currently leading the 2018 Aspen Cycling Club race series while also placing well in many regional races.

– 2018 Breck 100: 3rd Place Pro
– 2018 Audi Power of 4: 6th Overall
– 2018 Steamboat Stinger: 10th Place Pro
– 2018 Palisade Gran Fondo: 1st Place (Under 40)
– 2018 Full Growler: 1st Place age 29-39

A 34-year-old Minnesota native enjoying life in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, Chance Larson has had a lifelong love of riding bicycles. It all began with riding around the neighborhood with local friends.

As he was growing up in the Northland, he started off dirt jumping, eventually moving into flatland tricks, and then doing street. In his mid 20’s, he ended up getting his first mountain bike, and this is when he found his true calling. It was not until 2016 when he decided he wanted to do the Leadville 100 in 2017 that he got serious about riding fast and training hard.

At that point He upped his yearly average miles from 300 to 6000. Around this time he also picked up a Yeti ASR-C, which remains his current race bike.  He was never a serious athlete prior to this.

After rekindling this passion, his greatest accomplishments have been getting first in his age group in the Breckinridge 100 B68, first place in the Garfield County RIDE Initiative, and finishing Leadville in 8 hours 28 minutes. He has been a longstanding supporter of IMBA, and is ecstatic to be representing the RFMBA this year.

It all goes to show that with hard work, passion and determination, it is possible to achieve your goals no matter where you are in your journey. This year, Chance is focusing on the Aspen Cycling Club series, and is hoping to be able to stand on the podium once again.

Chance Larson