Charlie Eckart

Originally from San Francisco and Marin County, Charlie moved to Aspen, Colorado in 1993 and has balanced the demands of bicycle racing, architecture, and various volunteer positions.

He is the Chariman of the Aspen Open Space and Trails Committee and the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, a crew leader for Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, and an ex-president of the Aspen Cycling Club.

Charlie’s road racing career began in 1981 after touring over 8000 miles throughout Europe and returning to the US committed to racing. He turned Category 1 in 1987 and now at age 57 continues to race locally both mtb and road.

His favorite race bikes are the Trek Superfly and Emonda. Even through the depths of winter he continues and loves to train on his fat bike.

Over the years he has won the Aspen Cycling Club combined road and mtb series seven times.