Roaring Fork Trail Report April 16

The first big trail opening day of the season has arrived, but Mother Nature has decided to put the riding on hold untl sunny days and warm temperatures awaken the trails from their winter hibernation.

*** Keep in mind, it’s still only April and just because a trail is open, doesn’t mean you should ride it. If you encounter wet and/or snowy/muddy conditions, please turn back. Ride Dirt, Not Mud! .

When conditions permit, here are some of the popular trails open today, April 16th, 2020:


  • North Porcupine
  • Innie
  • Outie
  • Father of Ginormous
  • Trough
  • Next Jen
  • Skull Bucket


  • Buckhorn
  • Lower Buckhorn
  • Buckhorn Traverse
  • Vasten (Upper portions still hold snow.  Expect to be turned around by snowfields and large wet/muddy sections up high)

 *** IMPORTANT *** Riders can access or exit Lower Buckhorn from Rio Grande only East of the Catherine Store seasonal closure.  The Catherine Store section of the Rio Grande Trail is still closed and will be opening April 30th at 5 pm.

NOTE: Anyone planning to ride the “Up and Over” loop from Prince Creek to Rio Grande and back to Carbondale should be aware that they will need to detour through El Jebel until the Catherine Store section reopens at the end of April. 

* Glassier Trail IS NOT OPEN. So the Glassier/Buckhorn loop is NOT an option. Glassier opens May 16th. 


  • Elk Traverse and beyond


  • Stairway to Heaven and beyond 


  • South Canyon’s Lightning Bug and Tramway
  • Wulfson Trails
  • Grandstaff – Note: most of Grandstaff is still under plenty of snow.

What is still closed to riding:

  • Glassier Trail – opens May 16th
  • Coal Camp loops in South Canyon – the City of Glenwood Springs will open these trails when the snow melts.
  • Just about every trail upvalley from El Jebel  – Sky Mountain Park is scheduled to open May 16th.
  • Anything wet and muddy or under snow.