What the Horse Sees…

With a majority of the Roaring Fork Valley’s trails open to multiple uses, it’s always important to remember that mountain bikers need to yield the trail to hikers, runners, and equestrians, not to mention uphill bike riders on two-way trails.

While we have many trails in this area where you’re not likely to encounter horses during your ride, an encounter can be both scary and dangerous for everyone involved.  To help educate trail users, the Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council (with input from RFMBA) put together the following poster that you may soon see at area trailheads, bike shops, etc.

WhatThatHorseSeesFinal Poster (PDF version)

Horses are a “prey” species.  As such, they can mistake a fast moving rider or runner for a mountain lion.  Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to yield the trail effectively and make sure that everyone has a good time while exploring our shared public lands.

When meeting a horse, dismount and move a safe distance off the trail. If more than one biker, move to the same side of the trail.  Speaking to the rider helps identify you as a person and will help calm a horse.

Thanks for playing your part out on the trails to ensure great continued access for mountain bikers!

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