Trail Agent Program

This program is designed to allow for an expansion of independent volunteerism on our local trails, especially by mountain bikers.  RFMBA’s mission to create AND sustain the best possible trails for mountain biking in our region – you can play a big part in this effort!  This independence is offered as a compliment to the public projects and group efforts led by our valued partner Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers.  If you’re new to the trail volunteering world, we recommend that you experience a scheduled event with RFOV or RFMBA to become familiar with trail stewardship.

As a Trail Agent, your training authorizes you to keep trails free of fallen trees, dedicate a couple hours in the middle of a ride to trimming back a tight section of overgrowth, or to spend an entire day  maintaining your favorite local trail, all in a safe and effective manner.

The Trail Agent program is based on the Guide to Independent Stewardship for Trails. The Guide was developed through the Outdoor Stewardship Institute by a committee of dedicated trail advocates to meet the needs of public land managers.  The Guide teaches volunteers the basics needed to perform typical trail maintenance independently or in small groups, and is intended for those involved in or managing trail adoption or similar programs.  When the training concludes, trainees will know how to identify and perform basic trail corridor, trail tread and drainage structure maintenance, as well as how to recognize and report on other more complex maintenance needs that are beyond the intended scope of this training. Trainees will also be taught basic safety and risk assessment, along with how to appropriately work with and represent volunteer organizations and land management agencies.

Importantly, we expect that you will schedule your time on the trail to fit well with your family, work, and play time. In fact, we encourage you to keep that folding saw or telescoping loppers in your pack, get out for a big ride, tackle fallen trees or a remote section of trail corridor or trail tread, and report your total volunteer hours as your entire door to door effort.  We’ll leverage your volunteer time and efforts to help secure additional funding towards more local trail improvement projects.

Upcoming Training Evenings
#1 Feb. XX, 2018.  Location TBD.
#2 March XX, 2018.  Location TBD.
#3 April XX, 2018.  Location TBD.
#4 May XX, 2018.  Location TBD.

Trail Agents receive a complimentary set of lightweight portable loppers after finishing training.  Additional portable tools can be borrowed from RFMBA’s tool cache.

To become a Trail Agent follow these steps:

  1. As a pre-requisite, read the OSI Guide to Independent Stewardship for Trails prior to your training session. Approximate time: 60-90 minutes.
  2. Attend an RFMBA Trail Agent training session, typically a short evening session. The following  program manual includes a Synopsis of key issues to be reviewed during the training session, as well info. on the below steps.
    RFMBA Trail Agent Program Manual 2-24-17_DRAFT
  3. Review current list of Roaring Fork region trails authorized for basic trail maintenance through this program. See page 5 of the Program Manual.
  4. Review portable trail tool resources. See page 8 of the Program Manual.
  5. Report your accomplishments via Unself volunteer time tracking app. Click here for an invite to the App.  See page 9 of the Program Manual for the simple report format.
  6. At the end of your training session, document comprehension of your training via a 10 question Quiz.  See page 10 of the Program Manual for the quiz.
  7. Confirm with RFMBA that your field training component has been satisfied.
  8. Sign program Agreement and Waiver (on an annual basis). See pages 12 & 13 of the Program Manual.
Trail Agent with a full set of portable trail maintenance tools.